Local Participation

As you may know, Zambia has a total of 10 provinces and 72 tribes. This means that we will have a variety of dance troops performing and representing the cultures and tribes of Zambia. Yes, we will have dance troops from all the 10 provinces of Zambia so get ready to attend the dance clinics where you will get the very rare chance of being taught some of the special dances.

International Participation

LICAF gives an opportunity to people and countries from anywhere in the world to participate in the festival. The 2016 edition of LICAF promises to be even bigger and more colorful with more cultural surprises from across the African continent and beyond. International participating countries that have confirmed so far include: Seychelles, Egypt, India, Turkey, China, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.


Eligible for participation are a tourism boards, cultural organizations, universities, music groups and international media. Please register now for participation by calling Zambia Tourism Agency.

TEL: (+260 211 229087-90)
E-mail: ruth.kambalakoko@zambia.travel
E-mail: jocelyn.mutinta@zambia.travel

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